Our integrated team of health, 健康, and counseling professionals provide holistic and culturally-affirming clinical care to 宝博电竞 students. We also provide education and consultation regarding student health and 健康 to the entire 宝博电竞 community.


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Coronavirus Health Advisory

Find out the latest from 宝博电竞 advisories and helpful links with additional information (updated September 24, 2021).

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counseling appointments, please call 617-573-8226. 为 medical appointments,请使用 the student health portal to schedule a same-day telehealth visit. Connect with our 健康 服务 and Programming.

新 & Returning Student Health Requirements


Recent 事件 and Racial Trauma

CHW is holding all individuals and communities impacted by systemic racism and resulting violence and discrimination in our hearts. We are here to support students as they work on personal and societal levels to address the traumatic impacts of racism, 压迫, 和不公正. If you are a student and experiencing distress related to the ongoing violence toward Black-identified individuals or the impact of resulting protests and unrest, CHW staff are here for you. We are ready to listen to you, 支持你, talk about self-care options for coping with racial trauma, and help you identify healing spaces. Taking care of your emotional and physical well-being is critical at this time.

Should you want to make a counseling or medical appointment, please see additional information on this page or call 617-573-8226. You may also be interested in CHW and other self-help pages which provide information about racial trauma and coping as well as information about local community groups and educational resources. Students wanting to connect with other students who share a similar identity may want to reach out to the Center for Student Diversity 包容 which is working with student groups to create spaces for processing and support. 的 宝博电竞 Interfaith Center is another campus resource available to students seeking spiritual support.

宝博电竞 University and CHW are committed to providing support and lifting the voices of those impacted by structural racism and violence. You are not alone.